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API 5CT Torque Test Highlights WCS24 as Superior Threaded Coating

We are excited to announce the results of a recent independent, third-party API 5CT torque test, confirming WCS24 to be the superior PTFE coating for API threaded connections!

Attached is the independent torque test report using API nu10rd 3 1/2 L80 9.2 threaded connection, along with photos.


We surpassed API optimum torque / Shell requirements by 1260 ft-lb. for the test fixture material, with WCS coating staying strong after API optimum and maximum torque was applied during 9 successful make/break connections up to 4003 ft.-lbs!


The test was performed on the same connection, and you can notice on the last photo page that our WCS24 remains under crushed threads after a final destructive test for this material! The destructive force of the test partially crushed the thread profile, but WCS24 still prevented connection galling.

All oilfield and fastener companies that utilize PTFE coatings for threaded and flange connections will benefit from WCS coating lines by:

  • Low Coefficient of Friction

  • Superior adhesion and abrasion resistance

  • Prevents galling, even under destructive torque values

  • Excellent chemical and corrosion protection

  • Single System Coating- no mix, just agitate and apply!

  • More potential connection uses in the field!

Contact us today to learn how WCS can save you time and money with exceptional, "Made in the USA" coatings!

Job#88-WORLDWIDE COATING SOLUTIONS_API RP 5C1-5CT Torque Test Report-060324
Download PDF • 381KB

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