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WCS24 Revolutionizes Fastener Coatings

For those in the oil & gas industry stuck with outdated and underperforming PTFE coatings, there is a higher quality, "Made in the USA" option that is both easier to use and more cost competitive.

Worldwide Coating Solutions brings to market WCS24- a waterborne, low friction, single component coating developed with high engineering resin bonded with PTFE. WCS24 offers the added benefit of extreme corrosion resistance.

Designed for fasteners, piston casings, compressors, and other industrial applications. This fastener-class coating material is a waterborne/VOC-compliant, resin-bonded, thermally-cured, single-film, dry lubricant. It is primarily formulated for use on fasteners to prevent seizing, galling, corrosion and facilitate make-up torque.


• Provides low coefficient of friction

• Available in a wide range of RAL color wheel options

• Excellent wear and abrasion resistance

• Excellent Chemical and corrosion resistance

• Superior application through various spray systems

• Made 100% in the USA with all American supply chain components


Ideal for industrial applications including Structural nuts and bolts, fasteners, Valve, Gaskets, and general machine components.

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LOW Friction Salt spray testing FASTENERS 1
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