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WCS52 series coatings are used in high-pressure, low-speed, wear prevention applications.  Provides long-term lubrication for bearing surfaces subjected to extreme pressures up to 150,000 psi (10,500 kg/cm2).  WCS utilized PTFE and MoS2 dual lubrication systems to create a surface superior to washable greases and other PTFE coating brands. 


Our resin-bonded lubricants in WCS52 stay on the job, even in harsh chemical environments. Typical applications include bearings, valve springs, sealing rings, etc.


WCS52 is a single component low friction coating developed with high engineered resin bonded with PTFE and ceramic filler.


• Provide low coefficient of friction.
• Superior wear /abrasion resistance.
• Good Chemicals resistance
• Superior application through various spray systems
• Excellent dry lubricant


Ideal for industrial applications including Valve, Gaskets, Piston, scissors, and general
machine components.


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