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World-Leading PTFE Coatings

Worldwide Coating Solutions is your global solutions provider for PTFE and industrial coatings. 

Our international client portfolio includes: Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Defense, Logistics, OEM, Agriculture, Fasteners, Energy, The Common Man

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Why choose Worldwide Coating Solutions?

Keith Klopfenstein

CEO - Axon Energy Services

Partner - Worldwide Coating Solutions

Worldwide Coating Solutions will be the solution to the industry-wide problems of coating availability, shelf life, and quality. When time is of the essence, there is no time for delays in coating delivery. Coatings should not have to be thrown away after only one year or less.

Coating quality and performance must be to specification every time. Our industry demands the best and throws aside the rest.

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Set apart for a higher standard

Made in the USA

All components and products are proudly manufactured in America

Environmentally Friendly

Save labor, energy, and material costs to be a good steward of creation

Approved PTFE Coatings

Our superior coatings are approved and spec'd in by industry leaders.

Top choice for Applicators

Agitate and apply-no need for mixing. Two year shelf life!

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