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Your Global Coating Partner

Worldwide Coating Solutions is a Texas-owned & operated specialty industrial coating Manufacturer and global Distributor.  All products are proudly made in the USA with American-sourced components!

Hentzen Coatings, Inc. partners with Worldwide Coating Solutions to perform all testing in certified US labs, as well manufactures and guarantees the same quality product for WCS that they currently deliver to the defense and aerospace industries.        

We began our journey with the development of industry-leading, thin film PTFE coating alternatives that outperform the competition’s 1000 and 1400 series coating lines, and  are available in all customer color code requirements. We continue to design, produce, and distribute superior PTFE coating lines that are the top choice for industry-leading organizations.

WCS coatings are the wise choice for fasteners, plain bearings, gears, side plates, seals, gaskets, bushings, and applications with sliding action.

Our coatings enable cost savings with:

* Faster setup times with no diluting. Agitate and apply to reduce labor and equipment costs.

*Shorter cure times, lessening energy consumption

*A two year shelf life, allowing for bulk orders at discounted pricing.                


When you’re ready for a proven and reliable industry alternative,

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Worldwide Coating Solutions LLC (WCS) is proud to join forces with Hentzen Coatings, Inc., the leading American-owned paint and coating manufacturer.  “WCS sought the premier USA coating manufacturer to make and test our specialty coating product lines and found the perfect fit at Hentzen Coatings. This alliance further enhances Hentzen’s century of success by adding our custom line of PTFE coatings that provides a needed alternative to mitigate supply chain cutoffs and delayed shipments” highlights Owner Brandon Karr.

Brandon brings over 20 years of successful coating design and application experience, and worked to develop a no-mix, patented, single-coat system designed to maximize time, energy, and labor that delivers an ultra-performance, “Made in the USA” product to the global market.

Brandon is the President of WCS, a global leader in the design, distribution, and application of specialty coatings for energy, automotive, aerospace/defense, manufacturing, processing, food-grade, and agricultural industries, while Hentzen will manufacturer and ship all WCS product lines to your location around the world.

Brandon Karr - President & Partner

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Our Commitment to You

Rick Bridges, Sr - Partner

The covid pandemic exposed many shortfalls of the industry with extended lead times, substandard alternatives, inflated coating costs, and lack of customer service. Brandon and I knew with our combined 60 years of coating experience there must be a better way. 

We knew both our business, and our competitors, needed options. The old "We've always done it this way" is no longer an acceptable response to coating issues. After a lengthy dinner and many napkin notes, we envisioned a new path forward.  

In my past Applicator experience, I had the pleasure to work with Hentzen Coatings, Inc. Technical Director to develop a coating still used in the market, so it was a no-brainer to partner with a century-old, American, family-owned business to test and manufacture our PTFE coating lines.

Our competitors are corporate giants, while we share a success-focused, customer-driven, ultra-responsive approach to meeting the needs of several global industries. 

We approached Hentzen with the vision to develop, test, and manufacture our coatings, as we deliver ultra-premium coatings to your location around the world. Our industry demands a dedicated supplier with a rock solid supply chain, so Hentzen was again the natural choice.  We share a combined vision of success that is multi-generational for both of our family-owned businesses.

We are pleased they took our thinking outside the box idea of product development and global distribution of our partner products.  These products are proving to outperform the competition by over 10x! When it comes to real life interpretation of Salt Fog testing, and other industry coating testing standards, it was a partnership that was meant to happen.  I am pleased to be a part of this industry-breaking innovation and technology chain.

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Donnie Bowen III - Sr. Vice President, Global Sales

25 years' experience between the US Army and international strategic development has taught me the key to success is honoring God by working hard with people to solve problems.  When Brandon and Rick asked me to join the WCS team, I knew the market needed coating alternatives, but quickly realized the immediate hunger for PTFE coatings extend well beyond our Oil & Gas clients.  

Hentzen Coatings, Inc. has always been a reputable and dependable name in the market, which allows for quick addition of our industrial coatings to client specs & procedures. This partnership allows us to deliver coatings on time, on budget, to your shop around the world.

As a Oilpatch veteran with FMC Technologies and coating inspection Director for Control Union USA, issues related to industrial coatings are no secret and quality, compliant solutions for international markets are scarce. Educating others about our approved coating lines is both a joy and honor, as we can offer a superior quality product with the added benefits of cost savings, Made in America / Buy American compliance, and ultra-responsive customer service.

Feel free to contact me directly for any coating questions.

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Contact Us

We proudly serve global industries with American-made industrial paint & coatings.

Contact us with any questions or requests regarding our coatings and application services. We want to hear from you and how we can help your industrial coating needs.

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